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Since beginning the project in 2007, Designer Drugs has one full length album, over 70 remixes and 500 gigs under their belt. A well-received debut album “Hardcore/Softcore,” (Ultra Records) entered iTunes top 10 records in 2011, while Designer Drugs smashed A-list clubs and the festival circuit both nationally and worldwide. Their unique style and energy empowered the New York duo of Michael Vincent Patrick and Dr. Theodore Paul Nelson to demonstrate an uncanny ability to rile crowds, earning them a spot in America’s Best DJ’s by Technique. Performing in six of the seven continents, Designer Drugs’ worldwide fanbase deems the duo’s versatility. Two remixes turned collaborations— Joachin Garrarud + Alesia Atrium, followed by their remix of Audrey Napoleon’s Poseidon offered the public a glimpse of what Designer Drugs would provide in the future. The duo returns now with a contemporary music release, “The Drugs Are In Control,” reflecting the fact that they’ll remain a prominent factor in the scene with a firm hold on their intoxicating musical crusade. Designer Drugs’ ever-evolving, avant garde sound is evident throughout this new release; giving the duo an opportunity to offer fans originals and remixes, as well as new breakthrough tracks sure to garner attention worldwide.