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Moonwalks are a psychedelic space rock outfit based out of Detroit, MI. The band
consists of Kerrigan Pearce (drums), Jacob Dean (guitar), and Kate Gutwald (bass).
Their first EP, recorded by the legendary Jim Diamond (White Stripes/The Dirtbombs),
was released in November of 2014 on L.A. based label L.O.O.S.E+Manimal Vinyl, and
was dubbed a “New and Notable Release” by Bandcamp.
Originated in Detroit’s DIY scene, the band played in warehouses and makeshift venues
across the city. Since then, Moonwalks have toured extensively throughout the US and
Europe, as well as open for notable acts such as Thee Oh Sees, Metric, Kikagako
Moyo, Priests, Cosmonauts, Wand, and LA Witch. Their debut LP, Lunar Phases, also
recorded by Diamond, was released November 6, 2015 on Manimal Vinyl.
Moonwalks released their first single”A Little Touch of Gravity//Steam Train” on
Brooklyn based Greenway Records in January 2017, and are set to release their
international debut on Stolen Body Records (Bristol), In Light (The Scales in the
Frame), January 26, 2018.