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SSION, (pronounced “shun”) is a musical group formed in 1996, in Kansas City, by vocalist Cody Critcheloe. Known for their extravagant live show, SSION was signed to Sleazetone Records in 2008. In 2003, SSION made their label debut in 2003, releasing the EP “Minor Treat” and the album “Opportunity Bless My Soul” on Version City Records. In 2007 the group released their album “Fools Gold” accompanied with “Clown”, a remix EP. It was then followed by a full-length feature film, titled BOY made up of music videos strung together to produce the gay, punk rock equivalent of Forrest Gump. Garnering praise from Pitchfork, the single “Psy-Chic” off of their 2011 album Bent, is charted as a, “… delicious tease: just under three minutes of propulsive bass arpeggio, fluttering synths, and Critcheloe singing, in an airy and inviting voice, the kind of chorus that could loop on forever.”