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Sui Zhen is the alias of Melbourne-based artist Becky Sui Zhen. Since releasing two complimentary EPs on Tokyo labels in 2014, Female Basic and Body Reset, Becky has been preparing for the release of her upcoming album Secretly Susan.  Following her recent electronic experimentation with ethereal techno-pop and minimal down-tempo 808-lead tracks, the new LP marks a return to more traditional vocal-led pop songs.

We can expect to be immersed in the larger narratives that surround Becky’s work, from the banal pastel dystopia of her Infinity Street video to the invention of Susan, an alter ego who manifests in the forthcoming single Take It All Back – these colourful, surreal and staged landscapes allow Becky’s take on pop music to sit within its own uncanny terrain. Secretly Susan will be released on Remote Control later in 2015.